Dancers on stage; Women looking at photographs; Student performer and audience



Whether you delight in the genius of masters or pour
your own heart onto the canvas or stage,

here you will find the arts and culture that move you.



艺术 & 文化


Ira Glass and dance performers on stage


We’re in the middle of one of the most artistically diverse cities in the country, surrounded by some of the nation’s greatest institutions of arts and culture, 包括九卅体育自己的历史 Lisner礼堂. 史密森学会, 肯尼迪中心, 华纳剧院, DAR Constitution Hall and many more world-class institutions rest within a few miles of bet9九卅娱乐在线登录.

Not that you even need to leave campus to experience the arts. In addition to our status as a leading 研究机构, the arts community has a strong presence at bet9九卅娱乐在线登录. 与画廊, 演出场馆, 博物馆, practice spaces and recording studios, our campus embodies the spirit of artistic exploration through student groups for music, 视觉艺术, 即兴表演, 戏剧和舞蹈.

Whatever your passion, there’s something to see, do and experience around every corner at bet9九卅娱乐在线登录.



科克伦艺术学院 & 设计

Student painting; 的 科克兰学校- An incubator for artists and practioners

科克兰学校, part of the Columbian College of 艺术 and Sciences, is an incubator for artists and practitioners. Our students learn more about the artistic process and how to think for design, 同时创作出杰出的艺术作品. Corcoran students earn degrees in digital media design, 新闻摄影, 美术, 戏剧和舞蹈等等, while learning from faculty who are practicing artists with ties to prestigious 博物馆 and art institutions.

的re are 9 undergraduate programs in the 科克兰学校 of 艺术 and 设计的re are 6 graduate programs in the 科克兰学校 of the 艺术 and 设计




在 annual Corcoran NEXT exhibition, students showcase their theses and present pictorial and oral presentations of their projects to an audience of peers, 学院和社区. NEXT invites the bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 community to celebrate the promise of our students before they leave to inspire the world with their talents.



兴大厦, D键.C. 文化历史, houses many Corcoran programs and provides a historic atmosphere for students to develop and showcase artwork. 兴大厦 adds to the wide range of architecture found on our campus, giving students a chance to experience a small piece of the city’s rich history while walking to class.




Dancers and instrumentalists on Lisner stage; Solange Knowles


At Lisner, our on-campus performing arts center, you have a front-row seat to world-class artists, 名人和世界领袖. 的 historic auditorium is among the largest 演出场馆 in the city and has hosted events with author David Sedaris, 音乐家抹胸诺尔斯, 喜剧演员乔恩·斯图尔特, the National Ballet of Georgia and an amazing taping of "的 Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert and special guest President Barack Obama.

People looking at dress at the Textile Museum

九卅体育 Museum and 的 Textile Museum

博物馆 is a cornerstone of the university’s focus on arts and culture, uniting millennia-old textile art from six continents with the Albert H. Small 华盛顿iana Collection of historic artifacts, telling the story of the founding and evolution of our nation’s capital. 这个博物馆丰富了研究, education and cultural understanding through exhibitions, 项目和学术课程. 不仅学生免门票, but traditions like Student Night give students exclusive, after-hours access to the 博物馆’ exhibitions.




当九卅体育有一个活跃的 戏剧与舞蹈系 with various faculty experts to learn from, any student interested in participating can audition to step on the stage in the spotlight or for another role behind the scenes. Performances range from well-known plays to dance productions. 学生 can contribute in a variety of meaningful ways from lead actor to costume design, 到照明等等.


student looking at a piece of artwork at brady gallery

路德W. 布雷迪艺术画廊

每年, six to eight university-related shows and Permanent Collection exhibitions highlight topics of historical and contemporary significance, 通常与华盛顿有关, D.C.,面积. 在 布雷迪艺术画廊, 你可以找到绘画作品, 雕塑, historic furnishings and photography — and its convenient location in bet9九卅娱乐在线登录's 兴大厦 means you can stop in for a quick visit between classes.






在450多个 学生组织 on campus, there are many creative groups for you to join.  From acapella and dance to the spoken word and the bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 Band, you have choices in how you want to channel your creativity. We also have artistic space on campus. 例如,在 西大厅 you can perform in the blackbox theatre, make music in a recording studio or practice in the dance studio.



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Four Freedoms Exhibit at the bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 Textile Museum